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Your Occupational Health and Safety Committee

Your UNA Local 183 OH&S representatives include:

        Milada S. - Vice-President of UNA Local 183
        Pawel K. - Unit 10-1A
Please bring forward your concerns to us.

UNA Local 183 participates in the Joint OH&S Meetings at AHE.

A Occupational Health & Safety Form can be found here.

A printable document regarding Occupational Health & Safety can be found here.

For Occupational Health & Safety ALERTS please click here.

What are the differences between Professional Responsibility Concern and a Occupational Health issue?
In general, occupational health issues focus on the safety of the nurse and Professional Responsibility Concerns focus on the safety of patients. Read here for further examples/explanation.

Under your collective agreement all employers are required to have an occupational health and safety committee composed of representatives of the employer and the union. Representatives from other unions may also be part of the committee. The purpose of the committee is to deal with concerns regarding health and safety and the union can make recommendations on how to deal with the concern to the employer.

The Joint Occupational Health and Safety Committee (JOHSC) process was developed based on the concept that individual employers should deal with health and safety issues internally with the support of government enforcement of legislation. It is commonly referred to as the internal responsibility system.

A joint health and safety committee is a forum for bringing the internal responsibility system into practice. The advantage of a joint committee is that the in-depth practical knowledge of specific tasks (workers) is brought together with the larger overview of company policies and procedures (management) with the assistance of those with the technical knowledge (OH&S practioners). The work of the committee is to be supported by the legislation and if need be by the enforcement of legislation.

What Can You Do?

If You Have A Concern About Health and Safety in My Workplace

The process for dealing with health and safety concerns isoutlined in your collective agreement. Contacting your local union representative is always the best first step. They can assist you in dealing the concern and advocate on your behalf.

Step 1 - Talking to Your Supervisor

You need to let your employer (supervisor) know that you have a concern. If you are not comfortable meeting with your supervisor alone your union representative can go with you or talk to your supervisor on your behalf.

The OH&S committee meets monthly so your employer must respond to your concern before the next committee meeting date. Your local representative will know the date of the next meeting. If you and your local representative are not satisfied with your supervisor's response then the concern is forwarded to the OH&S committee for further discussion.

Step 2 - The Committee

Your local representative on the OH&S committee will present your concern and recommendations for prevention at the next meeting of the committee. If the members of the committee are unable to resolve the concern to the satisfaction of union then the issue can be referred to the Chief Executive Officer (CEO) of the health authority.

Step 3 - The Chief Executive Officer

The CEO must meet with representatives of the local within twenty-one (21) days. Again the local representatives present the concern and their recommendations at that meeting. The CEO must provide the local with aresponse within seven (7) days. If the issue remains unresolved it moves to the next step of the process.

Step 4 - The Alberta Health Services Board

The union has the right to make a presentation regarding occupation health and safety concerns to the AHS board. After meeting with the AHS Board they are required to respond in writing within fourteen (14) days.